About Us


Peapes Footwear Private Limited is based in Singapore, with a highly automated factory in China. We specialized in high quality shoes which are mainly supplied to corporations. Many major uniform groups within the country are currently using our shoes as their standardized corporation shoes. In our factories, we adopt a very streamlined system of production, where quality is checked at every stage of production by our quality assurance team.

To us, customer satisfaction comes first. Aside from our products, our unequalled post-sales service also brought us valuable long-term relationships with our clients. This has brought us to where we are today, having served many major governemnet companies such as Singapore Airlines, Health care cluster, etc.


Every shoe we manufactured is done so through trained labour and close supervision. This is why Peapes Footwear carries a warranty* of twelve (12) months shelf life against manufacturing and materials defect, if not unless it is stated when used under normal conditions the shoes should last for its intended duration.

The warranty is void if in the opinion of Peapes, the product has been incorrectly fitted; misused, such as being subject to cuts and application of excessive forces by kicking at hard objects; subject to excessive wear and tear including the exposure to high heat or strong acidic/alkaline caustic chemicals that may cause it material(s) to break down; or subject to normal wear and tear.


Our top mission is to achieve both comfort and functional shoes for our clients. Peapes Footwear’s Design for Comfort and functional shoes is the result of a series of studies conducted by different industrial work groups, to determine what makes daily long hours and functional usage of corporate footwear comfortable, and thus, satisfaction among its users. Many types of corporate shoes in their respective industries are tested, which allow us to detect the various determining factors to health and functionalities.

After implementing according to industries need, our shoes have returned many positive feedbacks from our customers immediately. In order to provide comfortable shoes for our new designs, feedbacks from our customers are constantly reviewed and these have kept our products competitive and well received.


Established in 1974, Peapes Company is the brainchild of Mr. Yik Lin Chen. It was then renamed to Peapes Footwear Pte Ltd in year 2000. As the leading shoe manufacturer for corporate shoes, we are exposed to public markets and through the use of the brands: FOOT TREE and IMAGE, we have gained our client bases for many years.

We supply our shoes to many retail shops in Singapore, and started to venture into corporate and government shoes when the government started focusing on the development of service sectors in the 80s. We pride ourselves in creating the best shoes for the industries and keeping a balance in both quality and comfort.

With our automated factory in China, we adopt an efficient production system and ensure quality assurance by performing a quality check at each stage of production. Our loyal customers is one of the most valuable asset to our company, which is in the past 40 years, our designers and shoe makers constantly seek ways to improve the design and quality in our products to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Our team has a service oriented attitude which has provided us with a competitive edge and also brought us to where we are today, serving various major government companies such as Singapore Airlines, Healthcare cluster etc… (SingHealth Group)

Keeping up with the current modernised era, we have decided to branch out using online platforms due to populated demand. At the same time, we also leveraged on the production of more fashionable designs to serve a wider consumer base, diverging from the usual corporate market. Feel free to browse through our e-commerce store and drop by our exclusive showroom to view our excellent range of footwear products.

For more details and information, please visit our e-commerce website at www.foottree.com