WELCOME TO Peapes Footwear

Peapes Footwear Private Limited is based in Singapore, with a highly automated factory in China. We specialized in high quality shoes which are mainly supplied to corporations. Many major uniform groups within the country are currently using our shoes as their standardized corporation shoes. In our factories, we adopt a very streamlined system of production, where quality is checked at every stage of production by our quality assurance team.



When standing on your feet all day, it is crucial that shoes for the healthcare workers are comfortable, yet presentable to patients. There are a variety of options to choose from to match the various uniforms!



Proper shoes for drivers play a big role in safety, as they can drastically affect the drivers’ control of the vehicle such as missing the brake or exert a different force on the accelerator!



Shoes for the aviation industry has a higher focus in looking sharp with poise. It should also be comfortable enough to last a night for travelling.

Peapes Footwear Pte Ltd is the leading
shoe manufacturer for corporate
and uniform shoes.

We specialized on trying to bring out the best shoes for the industries achieving both lasting quality and unmatched comfort.

We specialized in high quality shoes

This has brought us to where we are today, having served many major government companies such as Singapore Airlines, Health care cluster, etc. Discover the competitive edge of our shoes, the superior service quality.